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Below are a few of the services offered by our amazing team​

Hardware \ Infrastracture

With years of knowledge and lots of practice keeping up with technology, our staff is well suited to find the right equipment for you. Whether you are moving offices, building a new workspace, or simply looking for an upgrade, we can help find the best solution within your scope. We have conducted a lot of research and teamed up with several companies and major distributors to find you best possible price on gear. Please give us call and see what we can do to help you!

Microsoft Exchange \ Hosted Email Solutions​

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience supporting all versions of Exchange.

Hosted mail solutions are also something we are very familiar with. Cloud based solutions are being implemented across the board. If this is something that interests you, or you would like to pursue this, don't hesitate to call us.

IP Telephony \ Security  \ Conferencing Systems \ Cell Signal Extension

IP Telephony, conferencing, and security cameras system installations. Everything ties into the network these days so let us connect you with the best communication or security devices required for your business.

Also if you need cell phone coverage in an area that is not getting good reception we can assist you with extending that coverage.

Disaster Recovery Appliances \ Data Backup \ Offsite Storage \ Cloud Backups

Ensuring your data is backed up completely and securely, is the best thing you could do for your network in the event of a catastrophe. Having used numerous backup solutions, we will only recommend the best and most effective solutions for you.

Let us create a strategic backup plan to protect your information so we can proactively prevent us from even having to deal with data loss in the first place.

Technical Training
Solution Syndicate now conducts cyber security awareness training classes. Employees of our clients can choose a date to register for our Cyber Security Awareness for the Real World session and our add-on classes, too. If your company is a new client to Solution Syndicate, or if you have a lot of new employees that need to be trained at once we can also perform the training at your location. 
Networking \ Routing \ Switching \ Cabling

From routing and switching, all the way to wireless technologies, our engineers have what it takes. Our teams extensive knowledge of networking has been utilized by other companies to supplement their existing IT needs. We are versed in almost any brand of network gear. We are certified enterprise Ubuquiti engineers and Advanced Aerohive wireless Administrators. 

Security \ Auditing \ Penetration Testing \ SSL \ Encryption \ Monitoring

We have a strong background in Securing networks. Network Auditing, Security, Encryption, SSL, Vulnerability Scans and Penetration testing... you name it. We can assist you in passing your security audit, or to help you ensure your data is safe. We can assist with HIPAA, GDPR, and will be ready for CCPA.

We also can help monitor your staff's activities should you suspect internal activity that could be harmful for your business. 

Server \ Virtualization

Today's server requirements are varied and complicated. Their are so many types of technology platforms, it's difficult for most people to keep up with. Lucky for you, that is exactly what we do! No matter what platform (Apple, Microsoft, Linux, etc), we are dedicated to give you timely solutions and excellent communication along the way. No matter your server requirements (DNS, DHCP, VPN, RADIUS, Active Directory, Open Directory, Terminal, and many others) you will be happy you chose us as your trusted technology partner for any of your server needs.

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